The best players in League of Legends really do not want to play against Pantheon. The champion got a substantial retooling earlier this year, and since the Pantheon rework he’s been in a very good place – perhaps too good, as the stats from the League of Legends World Championships imply. Pantheon’s Worlds ban rate has been 100% so far.

Pantheon has has been banned in all 50 games of the proper World Championships played so far, and every single one of those bans came during phase one. During the Worlds play-in, Pantheon did manage to squeak into one game, giving him ‘just’ a 97.7% ban rate during that phase of play. (The team that picked him won, so that technically gives Pantheon a 100% win rate, too.)

Qiyana, another relatively fresh addition to League, is the only other champ to even come close to that kind of ban rate so far. She’s been banned in 68% of the main Worlds matches so far. Only five champs have a ban rate over 50%, as shows – right now, that’s Renekton at 58%, Kayle at 52%, and Syndra at 50%.

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