REVIEW – Carrying around your stuff can sometimes be simple – grab your laptop/iPad/phone/whatever and walk out. But if you know you’re going to be spending more time typing and need your iPad and your trusty external keyboard, things get more complicated. This is the issue targeted by Pad & Quill with their recent Oxford iPad Sleeve.

What is it?

The Oxford iPad sleeve is a two-pocket folio made of smooth, polished saddle leather which can hold any iPad and most portable BlueTooth keyboards.

What’s in the box?

Just the folio.

Design and features

The sleeve is actually two different sleeves. The main one, which measures 13.5” x 9.75”, has just a bit of depth. I can fit my original 12.9” iPad Pro into it with no case, but it’s too tight for any case I have. The newer iPads Pro with 12.9” screen would most likely fit with a thin case around it. The smaller bezels on this unit make it significantly smaller than my older model. Any other iPads will probably fit with whatever case you want to use with it. My 10.5″ iPad Pro fits in all the cases I have for it except the ones with built-in keyboards.

The second sleeve is sized perfectly for an Apple Magic Keyboard but holds my Logitech K-811 with no issues. If you didn’t want to carry your keyboard, a power adapter or power bank, cord, Apple Pencil and iPhone would all fit in this pocket together
The net effect of having two pieces of full-grain leather on each pocket, plus another piece for the flap over the smaller compartment makes this sleeve quite substantial, which, to me, increases its value. It doesn’t feel like a thin little glove over your huge investment of tech. And more of the “high-touch” of the leather only adds to the experience of having your devices in this sleeve.

What I like

  • Excellent materials and workmanship
  • Like the stud closing, rather than a buckle
  • Minimal branding

What I’d change

  • Only one closing size, so can’t be over-filled.

Final thoughts

I like leather, and find this particular combination easy to tote around. I’m hoping to update my big iPad soon so that I can enjoy it with a case on in this sleeve. I love that it can fit in with a dressed-up situation, but isn’t out of place on the patio of your corner coffee shop in blue jeans!

The details of the closing button and strap are all so well-done and continue to delight me every time I look at them or open the folio.

Price: $119.95
Where to buy: Pad & Quill website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Pad & Quill.

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