Blizzard has lifted the veil on Overwatch hero 31 at last: his name is Sigma, and he’s an astrophysicist who’s had a very bad time experimenting with a balck hole. The developers have dropped the first official trailer, which runs down the character’s backstory and gives us a couple of hints about what Sigma’s abilities will look like.

It’s one of the more dramatically impressive lore videos we’ve seen in a while, detailing how Sigma’s experiments with gravity led him to try to “harness the power of a black hole,” which goes about as well as any origin story involving a scientific experiment. Sigma comes out of the disaster confused about what happened, and it seems he takes a villainous turn from there.

Sigma’s actual abilities will be revealed shortly, but it’s safe to infer what’s coming thanks to all the gravity talk in the lore video. That opens up plenty of interesting possibilities – maybe boosting the jumps of allies, rooting enemies to the ground, or something else entirely – but we’ll find out for sure soon enough.

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