You’re about to get rewarded for playing nice with Overwatch’s role queue. A new Priority Pass system will reward you for taking on flex roles by letting you bank faster access to the roles you want to play. Despite how much this sounds like a theme park FastPass, don’t worry – you won’t be paying for Priority Passes.

You can earn Priority Passes by entering a flex queue, which will funnel you out into whatever role is needed most. You will get passes for a loss, but you’ll earn more for a win, which should help prevent people from idling or throwing to earn them. You can bank up to 40 passes, though director Jeff Kaplan says that number “might change” depending on how tuning goes.

If you want to play a role that has a longer queue time – and as Kaplan says, “if we’re being honest and direct with each other, that’s probably the damage role” – you can spend a Priority Pass to get through the queue faster. You’ll be able to see estimated queue times both with and without the pass, so you can see if you’d like to spend one.

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