Unless you’ve found the perfect weight for you, buying a new mouse can be a chore. What if you sink money into the best gaming mouse and it’s a little too light? Conversely, not everyone wants to go for a mouse that’s been stripped for parts, giving it that honeycomb-like look to make it as light as possible. No, sometimes you need to be able to tinker and adjust things until they suit you.

Whether you want something more substantial in your hand as you’re tearing through enemies or a featherweight pointer that glides across your mouse pad, the Corsair M65 RGB Elite is our top pick for a gaming mouse with custom weights. You can fine-tune things to your liking between 97 and 115 grams, meaning you won’t be forking over for just another paperweight.

Right now, buying the M65 RGB Elite is even kinder on your wallet, too. Over on Amazon US, you can grab the mouse for 17% ($10.39) less at $49.60. And in the UK, you can save 12% (£7) on the same clicker, costing you just £52.99.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/corsair/m65-gaming-mouse-sale