How long will it take to beat Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2? About as long as it took to complete the original, according to the developers. Bloodlines 2 will feature a campaign about 30 hours long, assuming you’re the type to stop and smell the roses – but that number might extend if you’re an “obsessive completionist.”

“At the beginning, we expect that quite a few people will not be playing this only once, but instead play it in one configuration and then choose different backgrounds, a different plan, and go right back in,” product manager Florian Schwarzer tells us in an interview at Gamescom.

“For one playthrough, right now we’re assuming about a 30-hour playthrough on the first go. That’s for somebody who isn’t an obsessive completionist, but who likes to have seen the world.” For comparison, a relaxed playthrough of the original Bloodlines – meaning the main story and some side content – averages 28ish hours on HowLongToBeat.

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