July 5, 2019 After plenty of backlash, Jagex has ended current Old School Runescape partnership plans early.

Earlier this week, Runescape developer Jagex published a blog post titled “Partnerships and Old School.” In that post, the studio told players that partnerships – like last year’s Twitch Prime deal – “are something we would like to do more of.” The intention is to help bring more new players to the game, but players are concerned that new deals could prove a gateway to microtransactions.

Jagex ran polls on each of the planned partnership options, but those polls have now come to an early close. “You came to vote in your thousands, and the voting so far has sent a clear message – and as such, we’ve made the decision to end the poll early,” the developers say in a new update. “The results were so one-sided that the outcome of the poll could not change.”

The polls were trending about 70% opposed to all of the proposed options. “We are disappointed that the reception to the blog has focused around monetisation in-game – something that is not in any of our plans – although we can understand your trepidation.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/old-school-runescape/microtransactions