Rumours have been percolating for the past week or so that EA is planning on bringing at least some portion of its games catalogue back to Steam, and now EA has got in on the speculation. The company posted a piping hot cup of something in an EA-branded mug on its official Twitter account Friday.

There’s no text in the tweet, just an ellipsis paired with an animated image of an EA mug sitting on a desk, full of something that is noticeably hot and, well, steamy.

There aren’t any other details immediately apparent in the clip. The background is out of focus, but it could be fall foliage. All we really have to go on is the cup, which says EA on it, and the steam rising out of the top.

This certainly seems like a knowing wink about the rumours of EA’s plan to return to Steam, which surfaced this week as Reddit discovered changes in Steam’s database. Frustratingly, however, there’s no clarity on which titles EA plans on bringing back to Valve’s storefront.

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