An Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case was briefly listed on Amazon, possibly hinting that the game is coming to Switch

What you need to know

  • A PowerA Nintendo Switch carrying case themed after Overwatch was briefly listed on Amazon.
  • The listing has since been pulled down, as it evidently wasn’t supposed to go live yet.
  • This officially licensed carrying case being listed could hint towards Overwatch coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch might finally be on its way to the Nintendo Switch. A listing for a PowerA Nintendo Switch carrying case briefly went live on Amazon before being pulled down. According to the description, this case is officially licensed by both Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.

This was first spotted by Twitter user Wario64, who shared the discovery:

Very shortly after being spotted, the listing was taken down. The former link has been saved here, in case it comes back online.

Since the carrying case has pulled down, it seems likely it was supposed to be saved for another time, perhaps to coincide with a specific announcement, like Overwatch coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game still hasn’t come over yet and bringing it to another option on the Nintendo Switch would be a great way to garner new support.

With the Nintendo Switch Lite on the way, Nintendo might want to have some game announcements to drop in late September. Maybe Blizzard could even bring cross-save and crossplay between some of the platforms at the same time. That way, someone who has invested a lot of time and money into their account would be willing to pick up a second version of the game. Regardless, we’ll keep you updated if the listing comes back online or if there’s an official announcement.

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