Ninja’s a pro gamer and the biggest streamer in the world, and we’ll soon be able to add ‘published author’ to the list of accolades. Following up on his underwear line, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has got a set of books coming out through Random House, including a guide for aspiring gamers, a notebook for kids, and a series of fictionalised graphic novels.

The first book, scheduled to release on August 20, is called Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming. It’ll offer tips on building a gaming PC, improving your skills, building the right team, and forming an online community. As the official description says, “videogames come and go, but Ninja’s lessons are timeless.”

That’ll be followed up with the Ninja Notebook – a journal and sticker set – on August 20, and then Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game on December 3. The latter is a graphic novel in which Ninja is teleported into the universe of a new battle royale game, where he’ll have to find a way to win the game and save the virtual world.

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