If you head over to the Epic Games Store to pick up this week’s free game, you’ll be able to see what’s scheduled for next week. It’s Cave Story+, the classic indie platform game from Daisuke Amaya.

In Cave Story+, you wake up in a cave with no memory of how you got there. You quickly meet the Mimigas, an innocent race of rabbit-like creatures who are being threatened by a mad scientist. It’s up to you to explore the caves and figure out a way to save the Mimigas – and along the way you’ll have to fight some 20 bosses across 15 different levels and find 10 unique weapons that each has its own upgrades to discover.

Cave Story+ is a re-release of the original Cave Story, and this version lets you pick between the original 320×480 graphics and the updated ‘HD’ version found in the WiiWare port. It also features a new English script, remastered music (as well as the original soundtrack), and six new play modes, including a boss rush.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/cave-story/free-games-epic