Hello there, fellow Xbox humans!

It’s been another incredible year for Human: Fall Flat. Since launching the spooky nighttime level Dark on Xbox One earlier this year, our quirky puzzle-puzzle platformer has gone from strength to strength – and it’s all thanks to you. Feedback on the level has been incredible, and we’ve been working hard to get even more new content into your eager hands as soon as we could.

Human: Fall Flat - SteamHuman: Fall Flat - Steam

The result is Steam: a brand-new free Human: Fall Flat level available to download on Xbox One right now. Hooray!

Set in a steam-powered dreamscape, Steam’s puzzles revolve around the use of water vapor to power the many pipes and furnaces sprinkled across each level. Fans of classic Human: Fall Flat levels Demolition and Power Plant will be right at home, but the addition of steam as a puzzle element adds a whole new perspective.

Human: Fall Flat - SteamHuman: Fall Flat - Steam

There’s no wrong way to play Human: Fall Flat, and this new level is no different. Race your way to the end of a level, or spend your time throwing friends off cliffs – it’s totally up to you. Just make sure you watch out for the furnace. Once you get it working, things might get a little dangerous…

As with all our upcoming levels, Steam is fully playable in every mode of Human: Fall Flat. You can explore the level solo, team up with a friend in local co-op, or join up to seven other players online.

Human: Fall Flat - SteamHuman: Fall Flat - Steam

We’ve had a blast with Steam here in the Curve offices and can’t wait for you to fall into the level yourself. A big perk of working at Curve is getting early access to new levels, and I can say from experience that Steam is classic Human: Fall Flat. It has the perfect balance of puzzle solving and obligatory human-flinging nonsense you’ve all been waiting for.

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