While Apple has updated its laptops to feature Intel’s 10th-gen processors, the iMacs have yet to be refreshed and the top of the line models continue to use Intel’s 9th-gen processors. For those who are hoping to see a refresh soon, you might be in luck as FrontpageTech’s Jon Prosser has revealed that new iMacs are inbound.

According to Prosser’s tweet, he claims that Apple has new iMacs that are apparently “ready to ship”. It is unclear when these models will be announced, but since they are reportedly “ready”, it could be anytime soon.

At the moment, we’re not sure what kind of changes we might be able to expect from these refreshed iMacs, but there’s a good chance that they will be updated with Intel’s 10th-gen processors at the very least. We have heard rumors that Apple is planning a “substantial” iMac refresh this year, but we’re not sure if Prosser’s tweet could be referring to that or if it could just be a simple hardware update.

The rumors did previously suggest that Apple could be thinking of introducing a 23-inch iMac that might replace the 21-inch model with slimmer bezels, where it could continue to maintain its size. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully Apple will have something official to announce soon.

New iMacs Are Apparently ‘Ready To Ship’

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