Netflix The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich has revealed encouraging details about the show in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. In it, she explains that she’s particularly excited to give fans a deeper dive into the life of Yennefer, including her “defining moments”.

“There’s also fun in exploring what happens between the pages of the books. The books explore events over a long period of time but there’s also story they skip through — Yennefer,” she says. “For instance, some of the more defining moments of her life, we hear about them in flashback. We got to explore them in real-time. It’s exciting to take Andrzej’s work and bring it to life.”

Netflix’s adaptation hasn’t been immune to controversy, and the casting choice for Yennefer is one particular aspect that got fans riled up. Another was Ciri’s actress, who was rumored to be a person of color. The throwback from which pushed Hissrich offline, but she appears ready to defend the eventual choice of Freya Allen.

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