About a year ago Netflix introduced its cheapest plan in India – mobile-only, SD resolution, INR200 a month. Now the company is testing out a more premium version that will bring in sharper HD visuals.

The cost of this new Mobile+ plan goes up to INR350 a month ($4.70/€4.10) and the restrictions remain almost the same. You can use only one device – a phone, tablet or computer, Smart TVs are not on the list. Note that the old Mobile plan also excludes PCs from the list of available devices, so that’s another reason to go with Mobile+.

Netflix’s new INR 350 Mobile+ plan with HD…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/netflix_is_testing_mobile_plan_in_india_hd_resolution_streaming_to_phones_tablets_and_pcs-news-44379.php