After many years of speculation, Creative Assembly finally brought the Total War series to China with this year’s Three Kingdoms – and created one of the studio’s best-selling games. One of the most important markets for Total War: Three Kingdoms was China itself – primarily thanks to the long-delayed launch of Steam in the People’s Republic.

The success of Total War: Three Kingdoms has apparently persuaded publisher NetEase that it was worth bringing other games in the Total War series to China – as the publisher has just announced that it has struck a deal with developer Creative Assembly, and its parent company SEGA Europe, to bring the entire Total War catalogue to its home country. This includes Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The first game to be launched under this partnership will actually be a new title, suggesting this deal has been in the works for a long time – Total War: Elysium, a collectable card game that will release on PC and mobile only in China, at least at first.

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