Gold is a valuable resource in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Here’s how to get the gold you need for items and upgrades!

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you’re going to need gold if you want to speed up things like potion brewing, increase vault capacity, purchasing useful items in Diagon Alley, and more. While gold isn’t something that you’ll run out of as quickly as Spell Energy, you’ll still need to have a stash of it handy. So what are the fastest ways to get those precious Galleons? Here are some tips.

  • Buy the gold from Gringotts
  • Log in every day
  • Complete various assignments
  • Play constantly and level up

Buy the gold from Gringotts

The fastest way, of course, is to simply purchase the gold from Gringotts in Diagon Alley. At Gringotts, you can trade in real Muggle money for in-game gold. This is the way to go if you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to go grinding for spell energy or ingredients, or just need to increase your vault capacity to hold more items before the opportunity slips away.

The conversion rate is as follows:

Amount of Galleons Cost
80 Gold $0.99
425 Gold $4.99
900 Gold $9.99
2100 Gold $19.99
5400 Gold $49.99
12000 Gold $99.99

How to get to Gringotts

  1. On the main screen in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, tap on one of the following: Suitcase, Avatar, or Friends, as they all lead to Diagon Alley.
  2. When you’re in the screen of your choice, tap on the shopping cart button in the top right corner to get to Diagon Alley.
  3. Tap on Gringotts (the coin button), or swipe to the left three times.
  4. Select the amount of gold you want to purchase.
  5. Confirm your decision.

There will also be some other bundles available in Diagon Alley that include gold, as well as other items and goodies, for a better price. So check around before you just buy gold only.

Log in every day

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you can get rewards for just logging in every day, without doing anything else. Just make sure to pop in at least once every day to collect the treasure for that day. The gold usually appears at the end of a full week.

Complete various assignments

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite rewards players who do pretty much any activity in the game. There are four categories of assignments: Daily, Special, Achievements, and SOS.

Daily gives you a set of things to do each and every day. Once you complete these tasks, you can collect the prize. These usually include gold, spell energy, and experience points. You also get a nice bonus for completing all of the other daily assignments, so just keep playing!

Special assignments aren’t available yet, but we can only assume that these are special events that Niantic will plan out.

Achievements are like milestones and reaching them get you nice rewards. Quite a few of them will award you with gold, but other things you can earn are spell energy, experience, Portmanteau Keys, Dark Detectors, ingredients, and more.

SOS are assignments given to you by Constance Pickering to help understand the Registry and Families. These get a bit more specific with certain Foundables.

The more you play, the more activities you’ll end up doing. These activities are most likely tied to an assignment, so just keep playing and you’ll be rolling in gold rewards in no time at all!

Play constantly and level up

Again, just playing the game a lot will help you level up, and you’ll get gold among your level up rewards. After all, how are you supposed to earn anything if you don’t play the game?

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