The upcoming Need for Speed: Heat will see a return of the heat multipliers from Need for Speed: Rivals and feature more dynamic weather.

The creative director of the game, Riley Cooper, answered questions at Gamescom. He stated that Heat has been dubbed internally ‘Rivals at night’ because the mechanics of generating heat are very similar. “Some of the ways we talk about the game in the studio is ‘Rivals at night’, because it does function in a very similar fashion,” He said. “You have a limited amount of car health, your Heat increases the more you race. Higher heat brings more cop attention, which threatens your car health more, but also acts as a multiplier, so you’re tempted to push your night further.”

Heat is the barometer for attention from police as you race around. In Need for Speed: Rivals, you could get heat multipliers by doing as much illegal activity as possible. It was a fun way to incentivize being a general menace.

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