What you need to know

  • More users are reportedly opting into app tracking this year.
  • A report says that the opt-in rate has risen from around 16% to 25%.

Some people are willing to trade privacy for personalization.

It appears that more people are okay with apps tracking them this year than last.

According to new data from analytics firm Adjust (via 9to5Mac), the number of users on iOS who are opting in to app tracking is up this year when compared to 2021. According to the firm, rates of users opting in increased from around sixteen percent last year to twenty-five percent this year.

According to the research firm, the industry feared that the new App Tracking Transparency in iOS would hurt the mobile app market, which heavily relies on advertisements. In May 2021, opt-in rates were at around 16%. Now that number has grown to 25% a year later.

When it comes to games, the number is even higher – 30% of users have allowed developers to collect their data for advertisements. The numbers are based on a global research considering the 2,000 most popular apps in Adjust’s database. In some cases, popular games have achieved opt-in rates of up to 75%.

The report goes on to say that apps can expect an upward trend for opt-ins from users as some set of users will prefer more personalized experiences and advertising.

While the industry has largely adapted and come to understand the benefits of working with a mix of ATT opted-in, device-level data, and aggregated SKAdNetwork data, getting the opt-in has become a pivotal strategic starting point.

Consent rates do, however, vary widely, but we expect to see a continued upward trend as more users understand the value of opting in and receiving personalized advertisements — something the gaming industry has been most successful in presenting until now.

Despite the upward trend in opt-ins, Apple’s anti-tracking measures are still having a material impact on advertisers. According to a report from earlier this week, Facebook could see a $10 billion impact on its business in 2022.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/more-iphone-users-are-allowing-apps-track-them