Mordhau has dipped a heavily-armored toe into the waters of ranked mode, with a new one-on-one ranked duels mode available in the latest version of the game. Developer Triternion says it plans on expanding to a ranked three-versus-three mode once the wrinkles in duels have been ironed out.

And since this is Mordhau, that means violence, and lots of it. If you’re just hearing about it for the first time, Mordhau is about medieval people hitting each other with various sharp and pointy objects, while some weirdo plays Despacito on the lute nearby.

The new patch adds a Ranked tab to the matchmaking screen, and at present, your only option is the one-on-one duel. In a blog post about the patch, Triternion says it’s serving as a test run for eventual plans to add in the team-based 3v3 mode to ranked.

“Once we’re satisfied with the state of duels, we’ll be expanding this mode to include ranked 3v3s as well,” the developers write. “It’s important that we ensure duels play well first, and make sure that the gameplay and ‘meta’ is in a good state before opening up the team variant.”

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