Game Workers Unite has accused mobile developer Ustwo Games of union busting. The group, which became a branch of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) in December last year, alleges that Ustwo “victimised” a trade union activist.

Austin Kelmore, who is a branch chair and a founding member of Game Workers Unite, allegedly had his contract terminated a few weeks after a senior manager at Ustwo questioned him over his trade union activity. GWU also claims he was also denied union representation at his disciplinary and dismissal meetings. GWU says Kelmore’s dismissal is a violation of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act of 1992, as was the alleged denial of union representation – the latter point would also be an infringement of the Employment Relations Act of 1999.

Ustwo is a mobile games studio known for the BAFTA award-winning Monument Valley, and more recently Apple Arcade’s Assemble with Care, on which Kelmore was one of three key programmers. He was dismissed in September, shortly after its completion.

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