Monster Hunter: World’s difficulty settings are soon going to get a lot friendlier for hunting parties of different sizes. Previously, there were only two difficulty grades – one for solo players, and one for groups, but there was no scaling for groups of different sizes. On top of that, you were stuck with top-end difficulty even if a player dropped out, but that’s all changing as we head toward the Iceborne release date.

There will now be a third difficulty setting intended for two-player parties, as IGN reports, though three-player groups will still have to suffer the original multiplayer difficulty. However, if a player drops from the group, the difficulty will now dynamically scale down to an appropriate level.

This is all coming in support of Iceborne (and will be part of the PlayStation 4-exclusive Iceborne beta this weekend), but the new difficulty scaling will be added to the base game in a free update. Of course, that means it will also be completely compatible with the hunts and missions of the original game.

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