Mixbook offers a limited number of top-notch photo products.

You won’t find blankets and mugs on Mixbook. What you will find is photo prints, wall art, calendars, and a particularly deep selection of photo books and cards. Quality seems to be Mixbook’s priority, over price and selection. But the site could definitely be smoother.

Mixbook Photo Printing

Price: Varies

Bottom line: Mixbook focuses on high-quality prints, wall art, calendars, and especially photo books and cards.

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The Good

  • High-quality prints and products
  • An incredible selection of photo books and cards
  • Dual-side printing for photo cards
  • No logo on the back of cards
  • No card order minimum

The Bad

  • Limited selection in some areas
  • 20×30 bizarrely rolled up
  • Photo book platform confusing

Two products in one

Mixbook Photo Printing: Features

The experience of placing an order on Mixbooks was not the worst and not the best. I ordered three 4×6 prints, an 8×10 print, a 20×30 print, one card (no minimum order), and an 8.5×8.5 photo book. Mixbooks apparently doesn’t offer wallet-sized prints. All of the professional engagement photos you see in my order were taken by JMS Imagery.

It took me a long time to place my order. Sometimes the site allowed me to use photos I’d uploaded already and sometimes it did not. There were constant pop-ups asking me to rate my experience after I created each item. Ordering the photo book, in particular, was confusing at times. The way it’s set up, it’s not always easy to find the cheapest options. I prefer when the prices are listed upfront and you can just pick the price point you want and go from there, adding upgrades if needed. But I powered through, and I was extremely happy with my order overall.

Mixbook does not offer a huge selection of photo products; there are no water bottles or pillows or phone cases or anything like that. What they do offer is prints, wall decor, calendars, cards, and photo books. Their selection of cards and especially books is particularly large; you could order wedding invitations, wedding albums, and school yearbooks. I suppose the first clue that they delve so deeply into the photo book realm is in the name Mixbook.

Mixbook excels in its selection and quality of photo books and cards.

There was just one weird thing about my order. I’ve ordered quite a few of these 20×30 poster-sized prints. Most of them come rolled in a tube, which means the edges are rolled up, but with time and weight on the corners, they eventually settle down. Now I’m sure this poster will too, but I placed books on the corners overnight and as soon as I removed them, the poster curled back into a tube shape. In order to get a photograph of it for this story, I had to put wine glasses on the corners. Otherwise, the packaging was good and everything arrived undamaged.

Anyway, the big print itself is top-notch, as are the rest of the prints, including the black and white photos. The book I worked so hard to make is fabulous. My absolute favorite thing about the order is the card. Unlike many online photo printing services, there is no minimum card order, so you can order a single one. The price goes down as you order more, but even the single card wasn’t terribly expensive. The card is printed on card stock as opposed to photo paper, so both sides can be printed. Mixbook’s cards have no logo on the back, which is not an easy feature to find. My card came with four plain white paper envelopes; I guess Mixbook is not very confident in my ability to address an envelope without messing it up so they gave me lots of spares.

As I’ve mentioned, Mixbook’s prices aren’t the lowest, but there are always promo codes and deals available. Shipping is not free, and it is not cheap.

Category Feature
Print size range From 4×6 to 24×36
Photo books Yes
Variety of photo products available Medium
Free shipping No
Cloud storage Yes, but limitations unclear
Subscription No
Shipping time 14 days
Auto-crop Yes, but easy to edit
Photo corrections No
Option to pick up locally No
Upload photos from other websites Yes: Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and SmugMug
All items arrived undamaged Yes
Photo quality Great
iOS app No

Quality products

Mixbook Photo Printing: What I like

I was so happy with my prints, my photo book, and particularly my photo card. Quality takes precedence over convenience, price, and selection.

Ordering a hassle

Mixbook Photo Printing: What I don’t like

The website looks quite pretty, but placing my order wasn’t the smoothest experience. I wish it were all a bit more straightforward, and I don’t appreciate the constant pop-ups asking me for feedback while I’m ordering. I don’t quite understand why Mixbook’s 20×30 print was so much more stubbornly rolled than the same size print packed into the same size tube from other sites.

Great books, cards, and prints

Mixbook Photo Printing: Bottom line

out of 5

If you’re looking for an all-around, easy-to-use photo printing website with lots of personalized gift options, Mixbook is not your best bet. If you want quality prints, fabulous photo books in every size and style you can imagine, and gorgeous no-minimum, no-logo, two-sided cards, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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