Devilishly good platforming.

When Demon Turf launched at the tail end of 2021, it left a positive impression on us thanks to its solid platforming gameplay, retro aesthetic, and focus on speedrunning. The game fell short of true greatness due to its less-than-stellar combat mechanics, which frankly brought the whole experience down a few pegs. In a lovely surprise, publisher PlayTonic Friends has shadow-dropped a spin-off called Demon Turf: Neon Splash; think of it like stand-alone DLC, if you will!

Unlike the main game, Demon Turf: Neon Splash doesn’t feature any kind of hub area (though it does feature an optional “Playground” for you to hang out in and practice your moves). It’s far more content simply guiding the player through a series of linear levels, each more tricky than the last; make no mistake, some of the later levels can be fiendishly difficult. There are 10 normal levels in total, with an additional 10 remix levels that are even more brutal in their design.

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