Minecon 2019 is underway, and Mojang is showing off plenty of new content heading to the classic block-builder. Lots has already been revealed in the livestream, but the most recent new feature is the announcement of two all-new Nether Biomes.

Minecraft fans will be well aware of The Nether, a hellish dimension filled with lava that can only be accessed via a special portal. It’s not a particularly diverse part of Minecraft’s world, but that could be set to change, as two new biomes are being introduced to the area – the Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest are both on their way to the game.

Soulsand Valley is a barren, ‘scary’ biome. It’s a dark, cavernous area that features stalactites and blueflame – and placing fire on the new Soulsand blocks will always produce a blueflame fire.

The Netherwart Forest features creepy, veined trees in blue and red. The red variant is dense and easy to get lost in, while the blue version is even stranger, with particles drifting down from above over the tall trees.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/minecraft/nether-biomes