After half-a-year without an update to the tests for Minecraft’s combat rework, now we’ve gotten two in just a handful of days. Minecraft combat snapshot 7c is here, and with it another set of changes to the eventual combat revamp. The latest edition includes a load of shield changes, and the ability to stack your potions.

Shields are now always instant activation, give you 50% knockback resistance while active, and will protect you from 100% of incoming explosion damage. All regular potions – but not splash or lingering potions – will now stack up to 16 deep in your inventory. There’s also an adjustment to how the auto-attack system works – holding down the button is still slightly slower than optimal clicking, but behind-the-scenes adjustments mean that system should work more consistently now.

A load of changes from combat snapshot 6 have also been reverted back to their format in version 5. You’ll no longer be interrupted while eating, you’ll once again have an attack indicator, and you’ll no longer lose accuracy for holding a bow out too long.

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