A whole bunch of fresh info on Microsoft Flight Simulator has come up thanks to a recent preview event, and that includes some notable detail on how the game’s cloud tech actually shapes the world you’re flying around. In short, the answer to the obvious question is yes: you can totally seek out and fly by your house in-game.

That’s a pretty simple idea in concept, but making it happen requires a combination of satellite imagery – pulled from Microsoft’s own Bing maps – and cloud processing – similarly built from Microsoft’s Azure tech. It all works together through the process of photogrammetry, which interprets two-dimensional imagery into three-dimensional game objects.

So as long as you’re connected to Microsoft servers, you will find the entirety of the real world recreated in the simulator, down to the last detail. YouTuber FrooglePete describes (at 18:55 in the video below) taking off from a local airport and flying by a restaurant he’d visited the night before – all of which appeared in-game in convincing detail, fully modeled in 3D without any custom assets.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/microsoft-flight-simulator/map