After years underground (and a mostly forgettable reboot) Medal of Honor is about to mount a comeback under the development of Respawn Entertainment – a studio whose foundations go back to Allied Assault, and which has built some of the best shooters of the modern era. The catch? It’s an Oculus VR exclusive.

Respawn announced a partnership with Oculus on a VR war game way back in 2017, but today’s reveal is the first inkling we’ve had that it would be connected with the MoH license. It’s a fitting connection, since nearly two dozen members of the Allied Assault team split off to become Infinity Ward, and much of IW in turn split off to form Respawn.

VR aside, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is exactly what you’d expect from the series return. You’ll play an Allied agent of the OSS, taking on the Nazis across Europe in collaboration with the French Resistance. It’ll feature a full, story-driven campaign and competitive multiplayer modes. It’ll also have a “story gallery,” with stories on the real history of WWII from the conflict’s survivors and veterans.

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