If you missed it a few months ago, we’re getting a television adaptation of David Kushner’s Masters of Doom – the 2003 account of id Software’s early days and the making of the iconic FPS. It’s still happening, and now we’ve got the first bits of the cast, including the actors who will portray John Carmack and John Romero.

Romero will be portrayed by Eduardo Franco, best known for his role in the comedy film Booksmart, and quite possibly the only actor on the planet capable of doing justice to Romero’s youthful hair. Patrick Gibson, who had a prominent role in the OA, will play John Carmack.

The character summaries provided by Deadline say that Romero is “a brilliant young programmer and designer determined to become the video game industry’s first rock star.,” and that Carmack “is a self-taught genius whose unparalleled programming skill allows him to help create the first-person-shooter genre – and lay the groundwork for the rise of virtual reality.” (So don’t count out the possibility that the series will someday start talking about Oculus, I guess.)

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/doom/masters-of-doom-cast