The series is inspired by the classic Fritz Lang movie.

What you need to know

  • Apple announced a new Sci-Fi epic last month.
  • Metropolis is a series based on the original Fritz Lang film from 1927.
  • It will be filmed in Australia and use the same LED tech as The Mandalorian.

A huge new Sci-Fi series coming to Apple TV+ will be shot and produced in Australia using the same LED volumes tech used in The Mandalorian.

Australia’s government screen development agency VicScreen announced today:

Victoria has attracted its biggest ever screen production, Metropolis—an epic new TV series by NBCUniversal’s Universal Studio Group which is set to create thousands of local jobs.

The highly-anticipated sci-fi series was attracted to the state through VicScreen’s Victorian Screen Incentive grant as the first in a pipeline of projects from NBCU which is expected to inject $416 million directly into the Victorian economy over coming years.

The government is going to back the use of virtual production infrastructure to be built in Victoria, including “one of the largest permanent ‘LED volumes'” in the world. The high-tech digital screens show background environments and visual effects, the same technology that was used to shoot Disney+ smash-hit The Mandalorian.

Metropolis is an eight-part series based on the 1927 work of Fritz Lang, and will be written and directed by Sam Esmail. The story depicts a futuristic city called Metropolis with a divided population of wealthy elites and labor workers who keep the city running.

VicScreen CEO Caroline Pitcher said the work would be “one of the most technically ambitious screen productions in the world” and said the investment would put Melbourne on the map amongst the world’s great screen production cities.

With filming and casting not yet underway, Metropolis is likely a ways off coming to Apple TV+, which is available on all of Apple’s best iPhones iPads, Macs, and the Best TVs for Apple TV 2022.

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