September 2, 2019 The Mass Effect 3 Priority Earth Overhaul mod is out now.

A group of modders have finally released their Mass Effect 3 mod that entirely overhauls the finale of the original trilogy. Priority: Earth Overhaul Mod aims to fix not just the existence of the game’s controversial Catalyst, but the entirety of the climactic London mission. Fair warning, this article contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

The new mod was released over the weekend and can be downloaded here. Priority: Earth Overhaul reworks the final section of Mass Effect 3. This is the complete version of the mod after a “flawed” release earlier this year was taken down, and any further versions will be “optional add-ons”. The mod includes new events, gameplay improvements, restored content, altered cutscenes, and “much, much more.” It even adds new music.

We previously spoke with one of the mod’s creators, who goes by Orikon on Reddit and YouTube, about the motivation behind the project. They said that “like most people, I had issues with ME3’s ending. But when I say ‘ending’, I don’t mean just the Catalyst. It’s the final mission too.” That mission takes players to London, UK, but it’s an experience that let many fans of the series down.

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