The fan-created Mario Royale game we covered last weekend has had to change after its creator was contacted by Nintendo. The 99-player version of Super Mario Bros., originally called Mario Royale, is now called DMCA Royale.

The new name refers to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a US copyright law that is cited when rights owners believe that unauthorized use of their work appears online. It’s the legislation that YouTube cites when it removes videos that contain unlicensed music, for example.

Now, it appears to have hit InfernoPlus’ wacky version of Super Mario Bros. InfernoPlus made a series of cryptic tweets Friday that seem to indicate that he has been contacted by Nintendo, and shortly afterward he uploaded an updated version of the game to his site that removes all references to Mario and Nintendo. At first he called it Infringio Royale, and now the game is called DMCA Royale.

“I think Nintendo is on the verge of a snap,” InfernoPlus tweeted. “Hopefully going to speak with someone in the next hour. Prepare my friends.”

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