If any object in your life deserves Apple AirTag tracking, it’s your wallet. There are several ways to track a wallet with AirTag, although we don’t suggest stuffing it into a credit card pocket. The most effective way is to buy a wallet with a built-in AirTag Pocket or insert your AirTag into a card-shaped AirTag case. These are the best AirTag wallets and AirTag wallet cards we’ve seen so far.

AirTag incognito

Geometric Goods Leather AirTag Billfold Wallet

Staff Pick

Most wallets keep the AirTag in plain sight. This looks nice, but if the wallet gets stolen, the thief will quickly discard it. Geometric Goods provides a hidden AirTag pocket inside the wallet that is not visible to the outside observer.

$110 at Geometric Goods

Smart choice

Anovus™ Smart AirTag Wallet

Anovus™ is a smart wallet with a discreet button that you can flick to fan out all your cards at once. No more fumbling around to find the right card! The AirTag fits into a specialized exterior pocket.

$40 at Anovus$40 at Amazon

Fine leather

The Frenchie Co. AirTag Ready Speed Wallet

If you appreciate fine leather and good design, this is the AirTag wallet for you. Not only is it crafted from fine Italian leather in several color choices, but it also incorporates a convenient AirTag pocket and leather pull-tabs to extract your favorite cards in seconds.

$99 at The Frenchie Co.

Not just for wallets

Moment Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags

If you’d like a reliable method of attaching an AirTag to your existing wallet, bag, or purse, then the Moment Fabric Mount is a clever solution. The small fabric AirTag pocket comes with a strong adhesive that can be used to securely attach the AirTag to any fabric or leather material.

$25 at Moment

Just the card

Spigen Air Fit AirTag Wallet Card

Keep your AirTag inside your wallet safely with an AirTag wallet card. Simply insert your AirTag into the card-shaped case and slip it into any wallet pocket. The included carabiner will also serve as a key ring or bag charm.

$15 at Amazon

Sleek and smooth

Nomad Wallet Card for AirTag

Nomad offers a similar solution with a smooth, sleek polycarbonate wallet card. This one does not come with a carabiner as it is only intended for use within the pockets of a wallet or purse. The card’s shape will not reveal the round shape of the AirTag held inside.

$25 at Nomad

Best value

leChivée Slim Wallet for AirTag

The most affordable AirTag wallet on our list is the leChivée Slim Wallet for AirTag. The subtle carbon fiber texture fits into any wardrobe, from dressy to casual. It’s slim and simple with a convenient AirTag pocket on the outside.

From $10 at Amazon

Slim pickings

Snapback Slim Air

Here’s another slim, minimal option made from high-quality leather in the USA. The Snapback can hold up to six cards along with some cash and the AirTag. When we reviewed the Snapback Slim Air, we found it to be surisingly roomy despite its slim, minimal form factor. Choose from either black or brown leather.

$55 at Snapback

The unlosable wallet

This is the ideal accessory for AirTag. Never lose your wallet or forget it at the coffee shop again. With an AirTag securely tucked inside, it will be virtually unlosable. My favorite is the Geometric Goods Billfold Wallet because it hides the AirTag completely inside a secret compartment in classic spy-movie style.

If you’re looking for a wallet card, on the other hand, then the Spigen Air Fit is a great option for securely slipping an AirTag inside any wallet. It also has a detachable carabiner in case you need to clip it onto your possessions instead. Any of the AirTag wallets on this list could be a great solution; you’ll just have to decide which one works best for you!

Original source: https://www.imore.com/best-airtag-wallets