Skyrim has a lot of things going for it, even now these eight years after it first came out. But its combat animations have never been particularly inspiring. Plenty of modders have put their skills to use addressing this issue, but this new mod adds some extra pizazz by adding to rather than simply changing vanilla Skyrim’s animation set.

Revenge096’s EAD – Every Attack Different mod replaces the baseline set of melee animations for one- and two-handed weapons, yes. But as the modder explains, there’s room in Skyrim for more variation, which simply isn’t used by default. Each attack has two swings, but within the code, there are variants on each swing based on how you’re moving during the fight. So, for instance, if you’re moving left while attacking, the game knows that’s what’s happening. But in vanilla, Skyrim only uses the same two swings it always does.

EAD adds in new animation variants for each of these directional attacks, making swordplay (or maceplay, or axeplay – wait, I should probably look those terms up on Google to make sure they mean what I think) much more dynamic-looking.

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