While there is no doubt that PCs are generally cheaper compared to Macs, Apple still has their fair share of customers, especially amongst the working professionals in the entertainment industry who seem to prefer using Apple’s Mac computers over a Windows PC. Unfortunately, it seems that due to a bug, there have been widespread reports of Mac Pros crashing across Hollywood.

Video editing professionals have typically relied on Apple’s Mac Pro for their editing needs, but it seems that due to a bug in the latest update to Avid’s video editing products, it is causing problems where it results in workstations crashing. Avid has since acknowledged the issue in a statement on Twitter where they state that they are working on solving the problem.

According to Avid, “This issue is top priority for our engineering and support teams, who have been working diligently to determine and resolve the root cause. As we learn more, we will immediately publish information—directly to our customers and via our community forums and social media platforms—in order to resolve this issue for all affected customers and prevent any further issues.”

Apple themselves have yet to comment on the issue, but for now, the problem seems to be limited to the older “trash can” design Mac Pros. It is unclear if this problem could affect the new Mac Pros that are expected to be launched later this year, but hopefully Avid will be able to fix the problem by then.

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