“We were able to develop passionately until the end”.

Square Enix’s next big RPG release is the Live A Live remake for Switch this July, an HD-2D remake of the Super Famicom cult classic. In anticipation of the release, Famitsu sat down with the original’s director, Takashi Tokita — who went on to direct Parasite Eve and co-direct Chrono Trigger — to find out more about the length of the development process.

In the interview (which has been kindly translated by Nintendo Everything), Tokita revealed that the team started work on the remake “At the beginning of 2019, and it took us three years.” Three years isn’t a terribly long time for a game to be in development nowadays, so when asked about why the turnaround was a bit quicker than other releases, Tokita brought up the game’s HD-2D visuals:

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Original source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/05/live-a-live-switch-remake-took-three-years-to-make-says-original-director