What you need to know

  • Lil Baby has debuted his new track “Dark Mode.”
  • The artist announced the track in a new film called “Welcome to the Dark” with Beats and Ja Morant.
  • The film was released as part of the latest Beats Studio Buds campaign.

Check out the Beats and the beats.

Beats is back with the latest entry of its ongoing campaign for the Beats Studio Buds.

Over the weekend, the brand released a new film called “Welcome to the Dark” featuring Lil Baby and NBA All Star Ja Morant. The film debuts Lil Baby’s new track “Dark Mode” and features the Studio Buds as well.

You can check out the new film below:

You heard it here first. #NowPlaying @Lil Baby Official 4PF’s “Dark Mode.” Official video starring Ja Morant, powered by Beats Studio Buds. #WelcomeToTheDark

The new song, as outlined in the press release, was written by Lil Baby about Morant and how the basketball player’s “relentless dedication to honing his skills in the dark leads to his work illuminating itself.”

The new campaign centers around Lil Baby and Ja Morant’s friendship and mutual admiration, which ultimately inspired Lil Baby to write “Dark Mode” about the player. While many want to bask in the spotlight, Morant’s relentless dedication to honing his skills in the dark leads to his work illuminating itself. The track focuses on the player “going into dark mode”, which has ultimately made Morant one of the best players to watch in the league.

Lil Baby and Ja Morant are featured in the film wearing the Beats Studio Buds in the new Sunset Pink colorway. That new color, along with two others, is available now.

Beats Studio Buds

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The Beats Studio Buds are Beat’s latest truly wireless earbuds that bring noise cancellation and a surprising amount of compatibility with Android.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/lil-baby-debuts-dark-mode-ft-ja-morant-latest-studio-buds-campaign