League of Legends patch 12.8 notes – Swain and Olaf update

League of Legends patch 12.8 notes are already offering plenty to eyeball, despite the new update only just hitting the PBE. While LoL patch 12.7 has just touched down on the live servers, Riot Games is wasting no time getting more content ready for the MOBA game as MSI draws near.

Patch 12.7 introduces Arcana skins for champions Ahri, Xayah, Rakan, Ryze, and Hecarim. If some flashy new duds aren’t your thing, you’ll want to check out the champion changes. While Riot has tweaked a few familiar faces, the most significant change comes to Zeri, who has got a total rework.

As for patch 12.8, though, things are already shaping up for a big update. You’ve got Solar Eclipse skins for Kayle, Sejuani, and Sivir; Lunar Eclipse skins for Aatrox and Senna; and other unique skins for Gangplank and Yasuo. We’ve also got our first peep at mid-scope tweaks for Olaf and Swain. It’s still early doors for the patch, though, so keep checking back for more changes to eyeball.

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