Kitaria Fables is Stardew Valley with playable cats and more swords, and it’s out now

It seems that the farming RPG itch can never be fully scratched, as the unending wave of post-Stardew Valley games about the simple life can attest. The latest is Kitaria Fables, which brings a little more Zelda-style action and adventure to the formula – and, perhaps more importantly, it lets you play as a cat.

You can grab Kitaria Fables on Steam (or console, if that’s your thing) right now. The game is currently enjoying a 20% launch discount until September 6, which brings the price down to $15.99 / £13.59 / €15.99. There’s also a free demo you can check out to try before you buy, and a bigger deluxe edition with a load of cosmetic DLC.

If you’ve missed our previous coverage on Kitaria Fables, this is an action-RPG with a classless combat system that lets you mix and match your abilities however you like. Between combat-filled excursions, you’ll build a farm, tend crops, and collect resources to help you build better equipment.

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