What I’m about to write here is essentially free marketing for some sort of KFC promotion that may or may not turn out to be interesting or at all worthwhile in the end. But this KFC Gaming business keeps happening and I just can’t look away. Now, hot off the heels of declaring Rainbow Six Siege the best game in the world, the fried chicken purveyor promises some sort of event with both cash and poultry on the line.

“September 23,” KFC says on Twitter. “Stay tuned.” That’s accompanied by a ‘KFCR6’ hashtag, and a video featuring clips of competitive Siege play which says that there is “cash and chicken to be won.” I guess it’ll be two more weeks before we find out for sure, but it sure sound like KFC plans to host its own Rainbow Six Siege tournament. Because 2019 isn’t weird enough already.

There’s every possibility this could just turn out to be a social media giveaway, but the pro scene is already interested – recent Six Major winners Team Empire, for example, say “howdy.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/rainbow-six-siege/kfc-esports