If you’ve been less than careful with your devices in the past, you probably want to get fitted out with an iPhone 13 mini screen protector this time around. No matter how rugged Apple makes its phones and how unbreakable their displays have gotten over time, your device can still get scratched and scuffed up when you drop it. We’ve rounded up some of the best iPhone 13 mini screen protectors below so you can get your protection in order.

Easiest install

Spigen EZ Fit iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

Staff Pick

If you’re nervous about installing your own screen protector, your best bet (other than visiting an Apple Store) is to get one that comes with an at-home installation kit. With Spigen’s EZ Fit auto-alignment kit, you’ll have a much better chance of getting a bubble-free installation yourself.

$16 at Amazon

Budget pick

Mr. Shield iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

If you are happy to self-install your screen protector without the help of a dedicated kit, you can save a little bit of cash with Mr. Shield’s set. The protectors cover the entirety of the screen, including the notch, leaving just enough of a gap for the new speaker placement.

$6 at Amazon

Camera protection

Ferilinso iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

Like its predecessor, iPhone 13 mini has a rather large camera bump on the back housing its advanced cameras. This Ferilinso set includes three screen protectors as well as two camera lens protectors so you can rest assured the best feature of your new iPhone is protected too.

$7 at Amazon

Luxury pick

totallee iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

Granted, totallee’s screen protectors cost much more than the competition but you get a really great experience. The style goes edge to edge (unlike most others) for maximum protection and it’s super easy to apply without any bubbles.

$39 at Amazon

Basic choice

AmazonBasics iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

Amazon’s 2-pack of basic screen protectors give your iPhone 13 mini decent protection with Japanese soda-lime clear glass that is just 0.33mm thick. An ion-exchange process and reinforced edges protect against scratches and chips with an anti-fingerprint surface that should maintain a proper viewing experience.

$6 at Amazon

Non-glass option

Supershieldz iPhone 13 mini Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector

Though most tend to go for tempered glass these days, there’s a lot to be said for thinner and lighter screen protectors. Supershieldz offers high-quality Japanese PET film screen protectors that shield your screen with minimal bulk. You also get six of them in this pack, making them super affordable.

$6 at Amazon


OMOTON iPhone 13 mini Privacy Screen Protector

If you want a screen protector that guards your display against both scratches and prying eyes, this is the set to get. When in place, your screen will only be visible from straight on so someone else can’t side-eye what’s on your screen. The set includes two screen protectors and an installation tray.

$6 at Amazon

Eye protection

ZAGG Glass Elite iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

ZAGG’s Glass Elite aims to protect your screen, eyes, and the usability of your phone. It’s four times stronger than typical screen protectors with reinforced edges to prevent chipping. It also has VisionGuard+ tech that filters harmful blue light while maintaining the true colors of your display and an oleophobic coating to prevent finger smudges.

$50 at Amazon

Front and back

Tensea iPhone 13 mini Screen and Back Glass Protector

Since the iPhone 13 mini features glass on the front and on the back, those prone to dropping their devices should probably consider safeguarding both sides. This Tensea kit features edge-to-edge protection for the glass of your screen as well as the glass on the back of your phone.

$10 at Amazon

Extra tough

ESR Armorite iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

ESR’s iPhone 13 mini screen protector prides itself on being tough with up to 110 lb. of force resistance to prevent scratches and damage. It’s also super clear so there are no Face ID issues and the included application kit makes it a breeze to install. This is a 2-pack.

$15 at Amazon

Alignment frame

TAURI iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

You don’t have to spend a lot to get an iPhone 13 mini screen protector set that makes it easy to install. TAURI’s kit comes with an alignment frame and an instructional video that will help you get the right fit yourself. Plus it comes with some camera protection, too.

$11 at Amazon

Great value

iVoler iPhone 13 mini Screen Protector

This six-piece iPhone 13 mini screen protector set from iVoler comes with four tempered glass screen guards and two camera lens protectors, plus an alignment kit so you can more easily avoid making mistakes. If you regularly change your screen protector, it’s a top pick.

$8 at Amazon

All around protection

Miracase Glass Case for iPhone 13 mini

Miracase envelops your phone with a tempered glass screen protector and bumper case. Since it’s clear on the back, your iPhone color choice will shine through and the edge will provide additional shock absorbance.

$18 at Amazon

Which iPhone 13 mini screen protector should you choose?

The iPhone 13 mini is the best iPhone on the market for small phone fans, but its diminutive size doesn’t make it any less likely to take a tumble from time to time.

If you’re not particularly comfortable installing a screen protector, it’s best to go for one that comes with an installation kit that makes the process much easier. The Spigen EZ Fit iPhone 13 makes it easy to get the right fit with an auto-alignment kit, though cheaper options are available.

For those wanting to protect the rest of their iPhone 13 mini as well as the display, go for the Miracase Glass Case, which not only includes a tempered glass screen protector but also a bumper for the edges of the device. A clear back cover even protects the glass on the rear of the device.

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