While the majority of computers these days come prebuilt, building your own PC can be a fun and fulfilling experience. This is because you get to pick and choose your own components and ultimately customize your PC to your own liking. However, the overall experience can be a bit intimidating, but Kano is hoping to change that by teaching kids when they are young.

The company has recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft in which they will be offering up a DIY kit that will teach kids how to build their own PC. It will not be a traditional PC build and based on what we can see, the end result looks more like a Surface tablet rather than a desktop.

However, the fact that it is DIY will give kids a rough idea of what goes on behind-the-scenes and introduces them to the world of PC building. As expected of Kano, in addition to PC building, it will also come with educational software that will teach kids how to code. This is not Kano’s first forray into educational tools, where last year the company launched a Harry Potter wand that taught kids how to code.

For parents who are interested in teaching their kids the basics of PC building, you can pre-order the kit via Kano’s website for $300.

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