NEWS – Kano is a company that knows how to make products that will delight kids (and adults) while also helping them learn important STEM skills. Their newest products is the Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit.

The Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit comes with everything needed for your child to learn the ways of The Force by constructing a build-it-yourself Bluetooth connected motion sensor.

The step-by-step storybook leads them through lessons that will let them code a variety of Star Wars adventures that will bring to life a galaxy of characters, creatures, starships, and sounds with a wave of their hand.

The Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit is available for $79.99 from Kano.

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Kano helps kids learn to program by channeling The Force originally appeared on The Gadgeteer on October 17, 2019 at 10:00 am.

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