Today, Juventus FC announced an exclusive deal with Konami that will ensure PES 2020 is the only place where you’ll see the team’s name, logos, and gear. That means the team is out of FIFA 20 – mostly – and EA has detailed Piemonte Calcio, the replacement team set to take the place of Juventus.

While FIFA won’t have the team, it will have the footballers, as players are not affected by the PES deal. So yes, names like Cristiano Ronaldo will still have their names and likenesses in FIFA, though the official announcement from Juventus says PES will get the added benefit of a “full-body 3D scan in order to recreate their likeness in the game as accurately as possible.”

Piemonte Calcio will simply slot in to fill the void of Juventus in FIFA 20, and according to EA it should all work out just as you’d expect. The team will have the proper chemistry links in Ultimate Team, player ratings will still update according to their real-world performance, and it’ll still be an option for you in career mode.

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