While Super Smash Bros has gotten dominant enough in the fighting game community to take the main event spot at Evo, the wondrous world of platform fighters is still a bit less developed than genre’s other subcategories. Still, there are plenty of games like Smash Bros, and Ubisoft’s take on the genre with Brawlhalla has just gotten another set of crossover characters – this time, they’re coming straight from the squared circle.

Four WWE stars are hitting Brawlhalla alongside a new, team-focused mode set inside a wrestling ring, just in time for SummerSlam this weekend. The characters are all part of the usual Epic Crossovers series, which reskin existing legends with unique looks, animations, and weapon skins.

You’ll have The Rock built on the abilities of Sentinel, a John Cena based on Hattori, a Becky Lynch emulating Gnash, and Xavier Woods taking over for Bödvar. The new Brawldown is a 2v2 stock match that puts you in a wrestling ring, with bouncy ropes and plenty of chairs and tables around to use as weapons.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/brawlhalla/wwe