The Division 2 has had a secret boss hiding inside the Manning National Zoo ever since that location was added to the game in the Episode 1 update back in July. For over two months, players had no idea it was there. That is, until a developer hinted at the boss’s location during a live stream. Then players dug it up in a matter of hours.

It involves shooting a series of beehives in the zoo and interacting with an insect exhibit, after which a boss named the Agony shows up and starts fighting you. Between the bees and the name, it’s a pretty clear reference to Metal Gear Solid 3’s hornet-shooting villain, the Pain – a boss ridiculous enough to become a joke even among Metal Gear’s over-the-top pantheon.

User ArcLight079 posted the discovery and the full steps on Reddit (via Kotaku), just a handful of hours after it was teased in the latest State of the Game stream.

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