“Conversely, the delivery time of high-end MacBook Pros (Quanta as the sole supplier) that have been in good demand since launch has roughly increased by 3-5 weeks after the China lockdown.”

What you need to know

  • Apple suppliers are being hit by COVID lockdowns in China.
  • A new report says there is no concern about iPhone SE supply because nobody wants one.
  • Apple is struggling with the supply of its new MacBook Pro, however.

A new report says that Apple is not struggling to supply the iPhone SE despite COVID lockdowns that have closed some of its factories, but is starting to see problems with its MacBook supply.

As reported today by Ming-Chi Kuo, the delivery status of the new iPhone SE, Apple’s best iPhone for those on a budget, remains “in stock” across China despite lockdowns that have closed some Apple factories including those of Pegatron, the sole suppliers of the new iPhone SE. This is because of “lackluster demand”, according to Kuo, suggesting the new iPhone SE may not have been the hit Apple was hoping for.

Conversely, Kuo says Apple is starting to struggle with the supply of its high-end MacBook Pro (2021), the delivery time of which is slipping by 3-5 weeks after the lockdown in China.

Earlier this week it was reported that multiple Apple suppliers in Shanghai and Kunshan have suspended factory operations because of COVID lockdowns in the region. Only one Apple supplier, Luxshare, has kept operating by keeping management staff and employees on-site all the time, with employees living at the factory and unable to leave.

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Original source: https://www.imore.com/iphone-se-seeing-lackluster-demand-says-kuo-apple-struggling-macbook-supply