We keep getting bits and pieces of the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup – including almost finished design, and some specs. Well, we now have the first clues about pricing as well.

Let’s start with the premium ones. The iPhone 12 Pro with the 6.1-inch display will be selling for $999 while the iPhone 11 Pro Max successor with the massive 6.7-inch screen will ask $1,099. Which is exactly as much as their predecessors cost.

The rumored budget duo, or in other words, the iPhone 11 successor with 6.1-inch display and the smaller variant featuring 5.4-inch diagonal, will be priced at $749 and…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/iphone_12_pricing_leaks_no_sudden_price_hike_bcause_of_5g-news-42964.php