iOS 13 has yet to be released, although we heard, it could be coming out next week. However, it seems that ahead of the update’s release, an exploit has already been discovered. If the exploit is taken advantage of, it will allow an unauthorized user to bypass your lockscreen to access your contact list.

This exploit was initially discovered by Jose Rodriguez and shared with The Verge. Rodriguez had initially reported the exploit to Apple on the 17th of July, but apparently it is still very much present in the Gold Master version of iOS 13. For those unfamiliar, Gold Master is pretty much the final version ahead of its release and is more or less the same as the final release.

This means that when iOS 13 does eventually get pushed out to the masses, the exploit should still be there. So how does this work? Basically it involves users activating a FaceTime call and then accessing the voice over feature from Siri. This will enable users to access your contact list even when the phone’s screen is locked.

We’re not sure why Apple hasn’t gotten around to fixing it yet, but that being said, this exploit will require a person to have physical access to your iPhone to begin with, so it’s not as if it can be done remotely. You can check out the video above to see the exploit in action.

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