Fans of TERA on Xbox One should take notice: the Unmasked content update brings you not only a new dungeon to explore, but also a stat-boosting mask that will compliment any character’s playstyle.

Better yet, all this awesomeness comes from one convenient place: the Red Refuge, home base of the Red Raiders, a secretive group comprised of both disaffected members of the federation races and idealistic monsters, working together to advance the cause of peace. Mostly.

Believing the Valkyon Federation to be a corrupt and inherently flawed construct, the Red Raiders are the primary opponents you’ve been facing in Guardian Legion missions for the last few months, and during that time they’ve been quietly amassing both weapons and personnel to achieve their goals.

however, they went a bit too far, and kidnapped the amani master smith
Karakhir, forcing him to repurpose his inventions into siege weapons. This is
where you come in.

You’ll need
to keep your wits about you as you battle through, for not only are these
titanic constructs as deadly as they come, but there are two paths to victory
in the Red Refuge, both of which depend on being able to spot visual cues in
the rich visual tapestry of the dungeon. You’ll need to listen and read as you
go, gleaning vital clues from NPC conversations and announcements.

On the far
side of the Refuge, in a clearing accessible via a twisting forest path, is
Argog, a hulking monster you’ll have to defeat in order to earn and equip your
shiny new mask and increase your combat power and item level. But like the rest
of the Refuge, Argog has multiple sides to his character.

Many years
ago, Argog rescued a young castanic orphan from certain death, and raised her
to live in harmony with the natural world. The girl, Hennika, grew up in a
society where “monsters” and “people’ are interchangeable terms, and it’s not
at all surprising that she now leads the Red Raiders.

If you think that name sounds familiar, you’re right. This isn’t Hennika’s first appearance in TERA. Once upon a time, you helped her and her brother Detrian out of a tight spot with gula slavers in the Hungry Caverns, in the quests Like a Brother to Me and The Long Goodbye. What happened to their family was awful, and the subsequent years have left her embittered and enraged.

So put your best foot forward and pick your path carefully. The Red Refuge has challenges, secrets, and surprises for everybody, and you won’t want to miss a single minute of it. Play this new content today on Xbox One!

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